Concert Band


The Concert Band is the Freshman band ensemble at Arlington High School. 

The membership is chosen at the conclusion of each school year, by director recommendation, from wind and percussion students in 9th grade.  


The Concert Band rehearses 3rd period during the school day and certain Wednesdays in the Fall and Spring semesters after school, from 2:20-5:00 pm.

2016-2017 Repertoire (to print off parts, click piece below)

Winter Concert:

Pre-Festival Concert:

Early Spring Concert:

FUN Concert:


Members of the Concert Band are required to participate in an ensemble AND either: a solo OR audition for All-West Ensembles for their grade in the class. Students are welcomed and encouraged to pick out a solo and ensemble with a private lessons instructor, but may also perform a solo given by the directors. Solos for 2016-2017 are posted below.

Solo/Ens Registration: March 3, 2017




E-flat Soprano Clarinet

B-flat Clarinet

E-flat Alto Clarinet

B-flat Bass Clarinet

Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Bari Saxophone


F Horn


Euphonium (TC)

Euphonium (BC)


All-West Ensembles

Members of the Concert Band are required to EITHER perform a solo at WTSBOA solo/ensemble festival OR audition for the 2017 WTSBOA All-West Ensembles.  If students make an ensemble, they will participate in the All-West clinic, held at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Memphis February 9-11, 2017.

Orchestra Registraion: October 14, 2016

Band Registration: December 9, 2016


Click here to go to the excerpts for each instrument.



All-West Excerpts will also be used for multiple seating exams throughout the school year.

Reference Materials

Below, find items to help prepare music and materials for Concert Band class and rehearsal:

Reference Recordings

Piece #1

Piece #2

Piece #3

Piece #4

Piece #5

Class Syllabus/Guidelines

AHS Band Practice Assistant

Media and Recordings

Click to view videos of the AHS Concert Band in action at various events, including concerts and festival performances.