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Concert Attire

During the concert season of late fall and early spring semesters, the Arlington High School band ears a standard concert "uniform."  Gentleman wear a tuxedo (links below), with black socks and black dress shoes.  Ladies wear the black Cadenza dress and black, closed-toe shoes.  
Due to new restrictions on expenditures for tax purposes, students must purchase these items.  The band boosters and high school will no longer be buying this clothing in bulk for the students.  Students and parents must pay Southeastern Performance Apparel directly for the correct attire.  Other tuxedos, dresses, and styles of attire will not be worn.  Students who attend in the incorrect attire will not perform and their grade will reflect accordingly.
To purchase the concert attire, each item is linked separately below.  Click on the item or its photo to be directed to the Southeastern website.

Be sure to choose the BLACK cummerbund.

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