Fingering Charts

Flute Trills
Oboe Trills
Bb Clarinet
Clarinet Trills
Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Bari Saxophone
Sax Trills
F Horn
Euphonium BC
Euphonium TC
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Tuning Drones

Want to play scales, arpeggios, and your music in tune?  Practice it all with tuning drones.  Find out what key you're in a play all these items with a drone! Click below.


The key to real, actual improvement is slow, relaxed, tone, in tune, and in style.  An essential cog to this mechanism is the metronome.  Click below for a free online version, or download one on your smartphone!


Try out these other technological tools that will make practicing (and improvement) a breeze!!


Tonal Energy Tuner (App)


In Tune (Ear-Training App)


Drum Beats+ (Metronome App)


Tempo (Metronome App)


Decibel 10th (Volume App)


iTranslate (Language Translating App)


ForScore (Digital Music Storage App)


Smart Music (Accompaniment Software)


Finale Notepad (Free Notation Software)


Sibelius (Music Notation Software)

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Euphonium BC

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