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Arlington High School Band Forms


On this page, find links to the most important forms for participation in the AHS Band program.  This includes the medical form, band contract, and instrument rental/checkout form.  All forms here are also provided in hard copy and given to students/parents at points throughout the school year.  Please ask your student often about forms and paperwork they have received in class.  Thank you!

Band Contract & Student Conduct Agreement The Band Contract agrees that you will abide by all the rules of the Arlington High School Band Program and agree to pay all associated fees.  The contract must be completed by all students who wish to participate in the 2017-2018 Arlington High School Band.  It should be signed by each student AND his/her parent/guardian. Band contracts are due back with the first payment of a student's yearly band fees (May 15, 2017 for returning students/June 6, 2017 for new students).
Parent Booster Volunteer Form   In order for the Arlington Tiger Band to function and for the students to have an enjoyable and memorable experience, it is essential that the Tiger Band Boosters have help and assistance from parents like you.  If you have a skill, equipment, or just time that you are willing to donate to the AHS Band, please fill out the attached form and help the Tiger Band remain as one of the best i West Tennessee!


Band Handbook   The band handbook is updated annually to reflect the needs of the AHS Band regarding policies, procedures, and requirements.  Please read it through and familiarize with the AHS Tiger Band way.
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Contest Student Release Permission


In order to leave the band with a parent, guardian, grandparent, or any other designee, parents must complete a permission form.  Without a form on file, or communication from parents/guardians, students cannot be released from the directors' care.

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